2019-11-08 13:23

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Natural sunshine: be an enterprise with attitude, responsibility and temperature


[Beijing Direct News Network November 8th] (China Food News)"Bathed in the natural sun, the beautiful transformation of life has quietly happened..." This is a common saying of natural sunshine company. This sentence not only reflects the beautiful original intention of natural sunshine company, but also reflects the words of Zhou Luhao, senior vice president of natural sunshine and President of China, "to be an enterprise with attitude, responsibility and temperature."

It is this original intention that natural sunshine company brings health and vitality to millions of consumers by virtue of faith, excellent products, serious employees and strict management, and wins the trust and recommendation of consumers, which is highly praised.

Natural sunshine is a natural nutrition supplement company with a history of nearly 50 years. Its headquarter is located in Utah, USA. In the nearly 50 years of development, natural sunshine is committed to becoming a global leader in health and nutrition, with more than 500 innovative and high-quality health and nutrition products, and its sales network covers more than 40 countries and regions. The company has "Hughes research and innovation center", which invests millions of dollars every year to support product research and development, and strives to ensure that the scientific research level is at the forefront of the world.


Be an enterprise with attitude

Deep cultivation of layout and empowerment service providers

With the improvement of living standards, people's attention to nutrition and health has been increasing, and health and nutrition industry has rapidly become a hot industry.

As a product-oriented company, natural sunshine has always attached great importance to product quality, and also attached great importance to training for service providers in product sales and service. Zhou Luhao believes that in the process of creating value, enterprises cannot blindly pursue market interests and lose excellent quality. "At the end of the model change, only the product will be evergreen". The natural sunshine, who knows this well, always adopts the attitude of keeping improving to make products. From the selection of raw materials to the R & D, production and monitoring of products, every link pursues perfection.

The only way is not to fight, so the world can not fight with it. "Only by maintaining a modest and down-to-earth working attitude can enterprises go far and long. We believe that in the complex market environment, natural sunshine can always remember its original intention, forge ahead and become a firm quality direct selling enterprise. " Zhou Luhao said.

Be a responsible enterprise

Improve quality and strictly control risks

Recently, natural sunshine launched a new quality control system in the world and officially released it to the public after many discussions and opinions collection. This policy describes the commitment of natural sunshine to quality, and puts forward six key points of quality management system: advocating nature products, pursuing perfection, t-trusted partners, u-unparalleled commitment to customers, r-reliability by design, and e-employee engagement 。 Natural sunshine strives to actively participate in the establishment, maintenance and continuous improvement of quality management system with the help of natural nutrition products, effective science and innovative technology.

As a part of the company's global strategy, natural sunshine is striving to achieve ISO9001 quality certification. ISO9001 is an international standard reflecting the company's quality management system. The certification is authoritative in the field of quality control, and is also known as the foundation of enterprise development and growth. At the same time, since entering the Chinese market in 2016, natural sunshine China has been continuously improving the control of product quality. Recently, natural sunshine China's factory in Hangzhou has successfully passed the double certification of ISO9000 quality management system and HACCP food safety management system. Among them, HACCP plan is an important tool to ensure food safety and an important means to control food safety internationally. Natural sunshine will work with suppliers to develop HACCP plan to reduce food safety risks.

Natural sunshine has always put the provision of healthy products and the protection of food safety at the top of all work, and regarded "promoting natural healthy, safe and high-quality food" as an obligatory social responsibility, and has made a lot of positive efforts in product development, quality management, etc. After coming to China, natural sunshine always adheres to the core values of "quality, integrity, service, community and innovation", and spare no effort to build a complete set of food safety management system "from farm to table" in China, so as to provide consumers with natural, safe and healthy products.